Interior Designs for Environmental Concept Art



“Whimsical Post Modern Interior Concept” was painted in Photoshop for a series of environmental Concepts in the EGBL (Educational Games Based Learning) Video Game Industry. The target market is young so the interior designs were kept fun, colorful and somewhat surrealistic.




“Goth End table concept” was also painted in Photoshop and designed for the interior of a whimsical “Goth” style room. This detail shows the amount of exaggeration and stylization used for this series of youth oriented environmental concepts.





“Goth Chair Concept” was painted in Photoshop and is another design created for the overall Interior design. The design itself was created for the model builders but also served as a texture guide. It was painted large enough so the model builders could grab portions and use for their texture maps.




“whimsical Goth Interior Concept” is the complete room layout for this Video Game environmental Concept and shows how the various individual elements were arranged for the game.

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